about us

Leatinn was born from the accumulation of 30 years of experience in the leather industry. Our productions are compatible with the environment and nature. We process, tan and dye the skins of Capricorns and Goats with the highest quality and most suitable auxiliary materials for human health. A significant part of our leather is obtained from Capricorn and goats of the Himalayan and Alpine regions. Our production consists of the skins of Capricorns and Goats grown on the farm. They are 100% natural leather.
All of our skins Derisay Leather Industry and Foreign Trade Joint Stock Company"Of our targeted company Gonen Leather Organized Industrial Zone'It is produced in our factory established in 
Leatinn uses these healthy, durable, high quality and natural goat and kid skins in its production. We manufacture carpets, throw pillows, shawls, runners, bags and clothes with handicraft and care.
Our product range is constantly increasing and will continue to increase.
In our own raw hide tanning, processing and dyeing factory, our R&D department carries out continuous research and development studies. In this way, we have a rich product, color, pattern, printing and finishing variety. This is the most important feature that makes us different from others.
Leatinn always uses the most guaranteed, highest quality and most reliable materials in production. Our products are manufactured after being checked as a result of clean, meticulous and careful workmanship and meet you. We appeal to the interests and preferences of buyers with high taste and appreciation.